Week 3


Pheew, this turns out to be more stressful than I planned.

This weeks episode features the problems of garbage removal in Naples, Italy. Apparently the local gangs are controlling and prolonging the conflict for financial reasons. Who would have thought, that garbage can turn to gold?


People have asked me if the One Weekly Gun episodes comes out on a regular day of the week. My answer: ‘No’. So check back as often as you can, and you might be in for the weekly premiere any day.


Song: Why Should We Take Out The Trash

From my window I can see,
what once used to be
the finest looking view in the Napoli.

Now it’s a view that kills
The ocean and the hills
are covered with one million peoples’ nigthly spills.

You think I should call the cops
You might think this is their job
But the cops are in the mob,
and the mob won’t mop it up.

To your neighbours, next of kin:
”Don’t expect an empty bin.”
Leave your longings on the porch for the dogs.

On the hood of my old car
are the remains of a cigar.
There are hairs in the sink
and used diapers in my drink.

Mr. Prodi send more cash.
Why should we take out the trash?
Merry Christmas, smelly new year too.


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