Week 4 – Heath Ledger

Picture of movie star Heath Ledger as the joker in the Batman movie The Dark Knight

I really had no choice this week. The one big headline is the death of actor Heath Ledger and all the questions surrounding the incident. I often wonder about the mechanisms that make us all feel bad when a known figure passes away. It’s strange bonding with people, you haven’t even met. And I must admit, I only saw Ledger in ‘Monster’s Ball’.

I just learned his name this week.

Heath Ledger
http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/audio_player/download_song/483663 Heath Ledger
Is something the wrong, Mr Ledger?
Do you need anything, Mr. Ledger?
If you want anything more, you should come unlock the door.
Are you in there at all, Mr Ledger?

There are pills in your hand Mr. Ledger.
I really don’t understand, Mr. Ledger.
If you don’t wanna get up, I think I will loose my job.
I don’t know what to do, Mr Ledger.

Now where did it go wrong, Mr Ledger?
Is this Hollywood’s fault, did they get’ya?
Is it you or is it me, a new business casualty?
What will the world do without you, Mr. Ledger?

And now it feels empty here without you, Ledger.
We feel we know you, but haven’t even met’ya.
I didn’t watch your films. I really cannot tell,
why I miss you like hell, Heath Ledger.

Mr. Ledger.

This isn’t right!
This isn’t right!
This isn’t right at all!
This is a growing concern, another call.
This is a mandate for change, a glowing ball.

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  1. Meily

    Sweet! A worthy reation to the passing away of a great actor. Heath Ledger will always be remembered!

  2. Holli

    I forgot he was even in that movie. Of course, I hated that movie though, so, understandable. He was a fabulous actor, though, really, even in small movies. You were always left with- “Wow, is he really that guy?” Really unfortunate we can’t look forward to any more of his work.

  3. aha they actually made a song about Heath Ledger! that’s cool. I miss Heath Ledger. He was my favorite actor. RIP Heath Ledger! ❤

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