Week 7 – Hollywood back from the strike


This is One Weekly Gun – part 7.

Quite a lot of interesting things happened this week, and the choice has been difficult.
The forthcoming independence of the Kosovo region was a tempting subject, but the strike of the Writers Guild had a more ironic edge to it. After all it’s funny to think about a whole industry fading to black, when somebody stops telling the stars, what to say.

The song is called Hooray for Hollywood, and was written by me, The Gun, and my friend Christian the high school teacher in subjects Danish Litterature and Music.

Hooray for Hollywood
Hooray for Hollywood
The writers are back.
In time to save your screen.
The Oscar’s haven’t been.
Please write a new economy.
‘Asta la vista, Baby’.

What do they have writers for?
They don’t use those anymore.
Think about Titanic and Keanu Reeves

Thank God, the writers are back.
The mouth is getting dry.
Keanu starts to cry and
finally we feel kinda secure.
So much crisis we endure.

Without writers sometimes we
get scared by reality.
Stars could go where no one else but Ronald R. and Arnie went,

Hooray, the writers are back.
In time to save your screen.
The Oscar’s haven’t been … yet
So long, thanks for finishing my song.


  1. Yeah, I like that,, what are you using a midi-yamaha?
    Good Posting…

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