Week 17 – Amstetten

Cellar of Joseph Fritzl in Amstetten
Until now, this song was the hardest one to do.

Of course there could be only one headline for last week’s song. The sick and gruesome events that has occured in the cellar of Joseph Fritzl for the last 24 years.

It left me speechless and unable to finish this song until now. That’s the reason for last week’s delay.

When the Lights are Coming Back

Drifting through the barrier
Resting my hands on her
When the light is coming back.

Through the tunnel
With my accordion
Out of tune
Will the light be coming back?

Love is a cancer
When nobody answers
and you don’t love yourself
Or anyone of us.

Nest in our resting space
Block all the exits
We’ll return, when the lights are coming back.


  1. Suss

    Wow soede, den er altsaa skarp. Synes du faar en meget aegte foelelse af opgivenhed i den. Knus fra mig

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