Week 18 – Clinton, Clinton, Clinton

Hillary Clinton, presindential candidate

This is week 18 of One Weekly Gun

I’m beginning to get at lot of reactions from all over the world. It feel nice, that someone is actually listening to this madness.

In honour of my american fans, I here present yeat another song about Hillary Clinton.
Go to Week 2 og 15 for other songs about this splendid presidential candidate.

This week Hillary Clinton lost her last chance of becoming the democratic candidate. The only problem is, she chose not to accept her loss. The song deals with her dillemma. Right now the media all over the wold begs her to step out of the race and leave the scene for Obama. I tend to agree. Please, Mrs. Clinton.

It’s over.

Addicted to Holes

It’s not deviant behaviour.
I’m just waiting for you to fuck up.
My saviour is your failure.
My hopes will make the only man stop.

You’ll fuck up and I will win
I still got tricks up my sleeve.
You can’t hurt me behind my glass
in the cockpit of my suicide machine.

Finally I will launch to hit the ground.
Step in from the cold.

Noone will forget where the TV stands.
It’s vital in growing old.
Leave my here behind the screen.
I’m addicted to holes.

Please excuse me, Mr. Obama.

Beam me out, and leave me in my rubber cell.
How could this happen to me?
I can’t be hurt behind my glass
in the cockpit of my suicide machine.

We’ll be allright when the market’s burning down.
As long as we don’t do what we’re told.

Please forget what the TV says.
‘Cause I’m addicted to holes.


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