Vacation Momentum


This is one weekly gun.
As you know I’m on vacation in Asia right now, and therefore unable to write, produce and publish a new song in under three hours this week.

Until now it’s been a very joyful experience to create this mad momentum driven soundscape. Most of all it’s fantastic to receive your reactions, thoughts and feedback. It keeps me going when the going gets tough. And it does sometimes.

Yeah it does sometimes.

So your participation makes me fitter, happier and more productive.

What would I have written about this week? Your guess is as good as mine. I can only hope it would have been something clever – and joyful to sing along to. In life that’s all we can hope for most of the time. Sometimes we create our own momentum. Sometimes we drift along with the consequences of recent and past situations. It’s a mess sometimes – or combination some would say . The thing is, that you by creating your own momentum on top of the ones that seem to control your life, you kind of feel that you participate. That’s what I feel anyway. And sometimes people tell me, that what I do made them feel something about things that they had never felt something about before. That makes me very happy. Because in that way, I AM participating.

You should also participate. Go write a song and publish it yourself. Or send it to me, at I will publish it right here. In this way I create the momentum for your momentum – which again is based on a different one. Can anything be more meta momentum like? I don’t think so.
Maybe you do?


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