Week 25 – Paris Hilton in Copenhagen!

Paris Hilton in Copenhagen

Good Evening!

The starlet of starlets, jet-setter of jet-setters, empty-well of empty-wells has set foot in my hometown Copenhagen! For once Denmark is on the global gossip map (well the map for people who cares about Paris Hilton’s whereabouts that is.)

This extraordinary event could not go by without being celebrated in song by One Weekly Gun! Let’s all get together and join hands for the one and only Paris Hilton. The ultimate victim of evil jokes. Letterman’s favourite boxing ball. Perhaps the smartest girl of all.

While we laugh at her, she laughs even harder at us. The massive interest in her well hidden personality generates itself AND a swollen bank account for Paris Hilton. Well this is old news.

Instead let’s join hands and choose our own Paris Hiltons from our own ugly crowd. We are grim freaks compared to Paris – living a prmitive and prehistoric lifestyle. Let’s choose our own Paris Hiltons – let them be our idols. Perhaps the then old Paris Hilton will adore them too.

Oh, Paris!


From New York City comes a simple life phenomenon
About to show the world the changes that she has undergone
Compare the value of a visit with the the royal salaries
Farewell market share, hi hollow company

To compete you better learn how to design a purse
And don’t concede until it’s crude enough to reimburse
The feelings you invested in your social standpoint in the the pack
When the rich get poor the past is coming back

Oh Paris

Come boys and girls let’s learn to live a life like Paris does
Except you don’t have to be famous to be one of us
Nor does it help your membership to be a millionaire
Or part of any crowd ’bout which we do not care

Let’s welcome every happy freak that noone monitors
And get them all an individual press officer
You kids will sing along with dedication to the song
About the species group to which you belong

Oh Paris


  1. Anonymous

    Det må du aldrig gøre igen!!!

  2. Nurse Dee

    Oh, Gun – you’ve done it again! Shades of “Oh, Venus” with a little Mary Tyler Moore thrown in besides. Excellent job!

    BTW – please keep her. I’d rather she didn’t come back. 🙂

  3. Oh Nurse, my Nurse.
    Thank you so much. You’re right on the spot regarding the description. I couldn’t say it better myself.
    We’ll keep her…wuhuhuhahahahahaaaaa!!! 😉

  4. Søs

    That’s it! I’m moving to Sweden then!!

  5. salut
    je m’apelle amine je veu savoir plus sur paris parce que je suis fan de elle je veu san adres emai l

  6. dfkj

    hum se bon sexxe

  7. Nice – next time we spend time together in copenhagen I expect an invitation to your VIP bondage partie 😉

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