Week 27 – Usain Bolt at the Olympics

Usain Bolt song Olympics Beijing 2008 world record 100m and 200m


Well as most of you possibly noticed, last week’s song did not arrive on time.
Let’s just say, that I had alot of technical difficulties…

Anyway here it is.
The track was inspired by the übercool Nurse Dee, who introduced me to the verb ‘cutting’ – in the sense of someting having an edge. I promised to make the term the prime subject of the following song, and here I deliver. Having in mind the mild controversy following olympic champion Usain Bolt and his choice of NOT congratulating his fellow runners after the final in which he set his second world record at these games.

Who cares about how he behaves? He runs faster than you!

Interesting fact: Mrs. Gun aka Captain Woman is on the vocals of the first verse. Apparently my bid was a bit on the false side – too much for proff. taste.

Coming up is exciting new guest appearances and a ph.d. about yours truly.
Hopefully the podcast feature will also be available soon – as the newsletter.

Tonight I’m Cutting


Bigger, better, faster, more
ruder, taller, prettier
biggot, killer, master, whore
fridge, cooler, wittier

Pompous, service, galant, delight
legs, lines, television
fixture, mortgage, ambition, foresight
anger, happier, alien

There’s truth in any kind of measuring of the weather
Look ’round the corner there is always someone better
In God you trust to be a healthy happy athlete
And when you win you sign the contract for cash
Hands down.

Tonight I’m going through the wall
Tonight I’m cutting
Tonight I’m leaping for the fall
Tonight I’m running

So we’re connecting with the game of setting standards
You either win or loose – or get a slander.
Who cares ’bout who’s outside the walls of coloseum
Compress the wound, lie down. Pretend you’re home.
Fall down.

Tonight I’m going through the wall
Tonight I’m cutting
Tonight I’m leaping for the fall
Tonight I’m running


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