Week 30 – Disastrous economy

Hi all.

This week’s episode deals with the American economy once again. It got worse.
Tonight the Senate will vote for the rescue plan one more time.
McCain predicts catastrophe if it’s turned down by the Senate.

The song is called Take me to the Meeting on Time, and is in a style I never tried before.
See if I got away with it.

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Take me to the Meeting on Time


I gotta couple of things to do before bed
And a whole lotta swallowing pain
I gotta a grain in my eye that won’t go away
And I’m beginning to feel insane

On the right hand sinde is pole and a kiss
on the cheek of some old lady’s shirt
I gotta run ’till I hide nowhere possible in sight
and on my shoulder sits a vulture with a flirt

Take me to the meeting on time

To much making it through can kill a lawyer or two
and too much drinking won’t suffice to the end
I gotta pacemaker beepin’ and a woman who’s weeping
I have a whole lotta time to spend

When the pressure get’s too much I start clinging to my crotch
and grabbing things from the closets in my room
In the dark I wear a mask and in the day time I am dead
You gotta get me up in time for the moon

Take me to the meeting on time


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