Week 31 – That One!


As McCain gets a bit more behind in the polls, his campaign gets nastier. Some suggest that he can no longer afford the positive attidude. It’s time to get real.

Palin and McCain both tried to expose, what they call the ‘real’ Obama. That is, his hidden ugly side that interacts with terrorists etc. In an attempt to change focus from today’s america to Obama’s past, they have tried to raise doubt about his person. I personally think that this plan is kinda stupid and leaves everyone with the impression of the GOP as a political party without a message.

And then, this happened. THAT ONE! Does this miniature semantic mistake from McCain in the middle of the second debate in fact show us the real McCain? One can only guess. I think not – but I know that the strategy has backfired. As many other strategies from the McCain/Palin camp.

To the nerds: YES, It’s sounds like and is inspired by a well known Beatles song!

That One!


That one
turned this thing upside down
and that shouldn’t be allowed
so I’ll dig myself a hole in the ground

That one
is not playing it fair
It’s soon getting to where
I will call someone who cares

Tell me something real for once
or are you just hanging out?
Tell me something real for once
or are you just fooling around?

That one
got me feeling alone
with a red cup to go
so I’ll find myself a new crop to sew


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