Week 32 – Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen in Forum, Copenhagen

Hi People of the internet.

Once again the gun shoots.
This time in a more non-bulletin’ish way than normally.

I went to the Leonard Cohen show on friday in Copenhagen.
Coehn is one of my all time favourites. I have listened to these songs since the album ‘The Future’ came out.
I remember my mother and her sister gave each other the record for christmas – accidentally.

Anyway, it was a fantastic concert. Now there are some serious lyrics for ya. Go home Gun.

In the row in from of me sat a man with his two children. I guess the boy and girl must have been about 20. The father was insanely drunk. I mean REALLY embarrasing. Not like a teenager at a punk show who’s having a good time. This was something else. The kids were obviuosly used to this. They ignored him for most of the time. But you could see it hurt them.

He was constantly talking and making stupid noises. And he kinda groped his daughter also. Really nasty.

What touched me so much about this was his childrens reaction. I mean, they tried not to think too much about it, but it was clear that they didn’t exacly enjoy it. I can’t believe you would wanna hurt your family this way. There is help to get for these problems. Do not alienate your family this way. He asked them if they wanted to come home with him. They refused.

The song is about this evening. Not very specific, but you can pretend it makes sense.

Anyway, the blog will soon be moving to new surroundings. Keep an eye out. And don’t dispair it your rss-reader is empty. I will tell you what to do.

As Time goes By


I turned on the black light bulp when I got home
I begged you for mercy on the phone
Then I fell down

My friend is a lover who can’t go wrong
Forever I must be singing her song
Time and again

There is a crack in everything
That is why the rain keeps pouring in

As time goes by
As time goes by

Drill me a hole for my sorrows to lend
Dance me a pole that I can follow to the end
Free me in time

There is a crack in everything
That is where the light gets in

As time goes by
As time goes by


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